American Poker 2

American Poker 2 is a video poker game from Novoline, which is consequently exclusively available in Novoline Casinos like OVO Casino and also offered Quasar Gaming will. It is one of the most popular video poker machines and most gambling fans are familiar with it. Nevertheless, we explain the game principle once again here for all newcomers.

How to play American Poker 2?

American Poker 2 is based on the poker variant Five Card Draw. The aim of the game is, of course, to get the best possible hand and thus win a multiple of the stake. The gameplay is almost self-explanatory:

Players place their bets first and then receive five cards. The basis is a 52-hand pack of cards. The player now decides which cards he wants to keep and which he wants to exchange in the draw round. This is a matter of tactics. Which cards the player keeps finally decides whether he or she will end up with make a profit can or cannot. The cards that the player does not want to keep can be exchanged without a new bet. The machine then deals out new cards for them and the player thus finds out directly whether and what he has won.

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For this, the player does not have to display the win itself. The online poker machine recognises this directly and all the corresponding information lights up. So anyone who is not yet quite fit when it comes to recognising the winning hands does not have to worry about missing out on a win.

Direct winnings can only be achieved from two pairs. A single pair is therefore not enough. The paytable looks like this:

  • 2 pairs: 3 times the stake
  • Triplet: 5x stake
  • Street (five consecutive cards): 7x stake
  • Flush (5 cards of the same suit): 9 times the stake
  • Full House (Pair and Triplet): 12x stake
  • Quadruplets: 40-fold commitment
  • Straight flush (straight in one colour): 80x the bet
  • Royal Flush(Straight of 10 to Ace in one suit): 300 times the bet
  • 5 of a Kind: 600x stake

Players should note that, with the exception of the royal flush, it does not matter which cards make up the winning hand. A three of a kind, for example, brings the same win regardless of whether it is three sevens or three aces.

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What are the special features of the game?

American Poker II allows the use of a joker. It can be used to replace any other card. In this way, it is also possible, for example, to form the five of a kind, which enables the highest win. Players are not "punished" if they use the joker to achieve one of the winning combinations. They always receive the amount that is also paid out for a "pure" combination.

Players can also use the winnings from a game in a risk game. They have to guess the correct next card colour for their bet to be doubled. If they are wrong, however, they lose the winnings. In addition, American Poker II is characterised above all by its simplicity. So there are no free or bonus games, the focus is clearly on the poker game.


How is American Poker 2 played and what is the aim of the game?

American Poker 2 is played with the poker variant Five Card Draw. The aim is to get the best possible hand to win many times the stake. Players place bets, receive five cards and decide which to keep and which to exchange to get the best hand.

What are the winning hands in American Poker 2 and how much are the winnings?

The winning hands start with two pairs and go up to five of a kind. The payouts range from three times the bet for two pairs to 600 times the bet for five of the same kind. With the exception of the royal flush, the individual cards in the winning hand have no effect on the payout.

What are the special features of American Poker 2?

American Poker 2 has a joker that can substitute for any other card and allows players to make winning hands like five of a kind. Players can also participate in a risk game where they can double their winnings by guessing the correct colour of the next card. The game is very simple and has no free or bonus games.

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