Online Casino Payment Methods

Online Casinos often offer more than one payment method. With a few exceptions, the payment methods offered hardly differ. But which payment method should players use?

Online casinos with PayPal

Online casinos with PayPal are comparatively rare. This is also due to PayPal's regulations, which are long Time only sports betting providers from the gambling sector have accepted as partners. In the meantime, however, there are some online casinos with PayPal, which has considerable advantages for players. In Germany is the e-wallet provider that most customers use. Payments are generally free of charge for the customer and the payee does not get access to data such as the account number or other important and sensitive information. Accordingly, most customers prefer to pay with this payment method.

Online casinos with Neteller or Skrill


However, similar advantages are also offered by Neteller and Skrill. They also usually do not involve fees, the payee does not receive the bank details and no casino appears as the payee on the current account statement.

However, both services are much less common among customers. In online casinos, on the other hand, they are frequently used, especially as they incur fewer costs for the casino than PayPal, for example.

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Online casinos with credit card payment

Credit card payment is still one of the Most common payment methods on the Internet. No wonder that most online casinos offer credit card payments. Most Germans own a credit card, the payment can be processed quickly and easily and customers usually do not have to pay any fees. Most gambling providers work with both MasterCard and Visa.

However, payment by credit card has various disadvantages. Customers usually have to scan them and present the scans before they are allowed to make withdrawals. These are also often subject to a fee. In addition, a dubious Online casino with the data that the customer has to provide during a transaction, access the credit card and misuse or sell it for their own purposes. Accordingly, credit card payment is generally only advisable if it is in any Case is a reputable online casino. Furthermore, additional security mechanisms such as Visa Electron or MasterCard Secure help to prevent fraud and should therefore be used.

Online casinos with Sofortüberweisung and Giropay

Another option for quick payment are Sofortüberweisung and Giropay. With both payment methods, the online casino receives direct confirmation of the transfer, which is processed from the account via the usual online banking. They are also usually free of charge for the customer.

Online casinos with bank transfer

Only a few online casinos now offer the option of transferring the money, even those with Software for the Mac. The Speed to credit is a major point of criticism that hardly any player wants to accept in the fast internet. The biggest advantage here, however, is that the payout is much less complicated if investors have already deposited money with the account. In addition, it is often the most favourable payout method. With many providers, this is the main way that customers are credited with their money. However, withdrawal via e-wallet is also becoming more and more common in online casinos.

Online casinos with Paysafecard


The Paysafecard is another interesting alternative payment method in Online casinos. It is unbeatable above all in two points: the online casino does not receive any connection to possible payment methods, so that the player is comprehensively protected against fraud. In addition, the credit form makes it much easier for the player to control costs. However, it is not suitable for withdrawal and, moreover, it only allows the deposit of smaller amounts comfortably, which can be a disadvantage especially if players want to use a particularly high deposit bonus in the online casino.

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Conclusion: Optimal payment method depends on various features

Which payment method customers of a provider want to use depends on various factors. Customers should not provide any payment information, especially if the seriousness of an online casino is not clearly ensured. Issue and use payment service providerswhich anonymise the most important data. In addition, customers must already pay attention to the withdrawal fees and conditions when making a deposit. There are sometimes significant differences here, while the deposit is actually equally convenient and free of charge with all common payment methods.

The most popular payment methods at a glance

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