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Playtech is a Software developer for online casinos. However, Playtech is not just any developer, but one of the biggest and best-known in the industry. Above all, the modern graphics and great sound effects stand out from the crowd.

The games from this developer are regularly provided with updates so that they are always up to date. Playtech also regularly develops new games that continuously expand the range. In the meantime, the Playtech online casino software is used in more than 100 online casinos.

The jackpot games that Playtech has in its assortment are linked to each other so that enormously high jackpot sums are created that regularly pay out amounts in the millions. The following text will deal exclusively with the software developer Playtech and share some important information about this provider.


What general information is there about Playtech?

The online casino software is the heart of every online casino, because without the software, gaming would not be possible at all. Playtech is one of the market leaders in the field of online casino software. The company behind Playtech is called Playtech Ltd. and has its headquarters on the Isle of Man.

The company was founded in 1999. Playtech comes from Estonia and is listed on two European stock exchanges. This means that the security and seriousness of this provider can be guaranteed with 100 %iger security.

Every company that is listed on a stock exchange is regulated by a financial supervisory authority. Playtech is not only listed on the stock exchange in London, but also on the stock exchange in Frankfurt. Since 2001, a wide variety of online casinos have been using Playtech software.

Over the past 17 years, Playtech has steadily expanded its product range and now has one of the largest offers anywhere. In addition to the successful slot games, Playtech's offer includes many other areas.

Playtech offers software for live casinos, iPoker networks, bingo networks, mobile casinos and Videobet. In addition, Playtech has expanded its business field even further and has also entered the field of Sports betting entered the market. The office responsible for sports betting was opened in Bulgaria in 2006. Playtech's sports betting software is now used in four European countries.

These are Serbia, Estonia, Italy and Spain. A total of 75 providers currently use Playtech software. Most of these online casinos come from Europe. Every player who regularly plays in an online casino has certainly seen a Playtech slot game or Playtech casino software. Playtech software is particularly widespread among German online casinos.

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Information on the games in the Playtech range

Online casinos that rely on Playtech software impress above all with a qualitative and varied assortment. In addition, the Playtech software is extremely user-friendly, so that even beginners can use the software without difficulty.

That is why the Playtech software is known and popular for online casinos all over the world. In the meantime, the software is even available in commercially available casinos, so that players and fans of Playtech can also play the games offline. The entire range includes more than 400 innovative and varied games.

In addition, Playtech regularly develops new games, so that the offer keeps growing. Above all, the range of slot machines is convincing, as the slots have great graphics and excellent sound effects.

A feature of Playtech games are the features and bonus rounds that provide free spins. In the area of slot games, the product range includes classic slots with three reels up to the very popular progressive jackpots, which pay out enormously high winnings.

However, Playtech does not only develop software for slot machines, but also for classic casino games. Every online casino that wants to establish itself on the market should, in addition to slot machines, also have classic casino games such as live blackjack, live roulette and video poker. The software for these games can also be obtained by the online casinos from Playtech.

What about safety and usability?

In terms of usability, the software developer Playtech can also score points, as even newcomers can get to grips with the software within a very short time.

The games are designed in such a way that players learn to play intuitively. Long instruction manuals or similar are not necessary, but players can still refer to them. Playtech also provides great support. Customer friendliness and security are two attributes that are close to Playtech's heart.

Every player who likes to play in an online casino and values high-quality, innovative and easy-to-use software should choose a Playtech online casino.

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Playtech is one of the best-known and largest software manufacturers for online casinos. The range of this provider includes several hundred casino games. Among them are classic slot machines, progressive jackpots and classic casino games.

All games are user-friendly, innovative and modern in design. In terms of graphics and sound, Playtech can also stand out from many competitors, as the provider is absolutely top in these areas. The software from Playtech comes in over 100 Online Casinos for use. Playtech's software is particularly popular in German-speaking online casinos. Playtech is also involved in the development of software for sports betting sites.

Playtech Games


What is Playtech and what do they offer?

Playtech is a market-leading software developer for online casinos, offering software for live casinos, iPoker networks, bingo networks, mobile casinos and Videobet. The company also offers software for sports betting and has a diverse range of more than 400 games, including slots, progressive jackpots and classic casino games.

Are Playtech's games safe and user-friendly?

Yes, Playtech is a safe and user-friendly provider as the company is regulated by financial regulators and listed on two European stock exchanges. Playtech's games are intuitive and user-friendly and are supported by excellent customer service.

Where can I find Playtech games in online casinos?

Playtech games can be found in more than 100 online casinos, including well-known casinos such as SCasino, and Go Wild Casino. They are particularly popular with German-speaking online casinos.

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