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Credit cards

Until a few years ago, many people were sceptical about payments on the internet. However, this has changed and even the opposite is the case for some. After all, payments on the internet have become part of everyday life. There are now countless payment options that can be used in addition to the classic payment options.

Here there are many methodswhich only became possible through the internet and are very popular nowadays. Most online casinos provide numerous means of payment so that every customer has the opportunity to deposit money into the gaming account. Most providers offer the classic payment options of credit card and bank transfer. In addition, customers can use electronic wallets such as PayPal and Skrill. In recent years, the Credit cards such as the Paysafecard have become increasingly popular. The following text will deal primarily with the credit card payment option and provide important information about it.

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What general information is there about paying by credit card?
The two credit card manufacturers Visa and Mastercard can be used most frequently. There are charge, prepaid and Vpay cards, which all work differently. Payments can be refused by the credit card manufacturer. Fees may be charged by either the credit card provider or the online casino. A withdrawal may not exceed the deposit amount. In addition to Visa and Mastercard, there are numerous other card manufacturers.

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How does a credit card payment work?

The main purpose of the credit card is to enable payments without cash. The basic principle behind the credit card is simple and easy to understand.

The credit card issuers make the desired amount immediately available to the payee so that the customer can access the money immediately. This means that the credit card issuer pays in advance so that the money can be used more quickly.

For this reason, a credit check is carried out on every customer. This enables the credit card providers to ensure that the customer can repay the amount. It is therefore a loan that must be paid by the customer. Every credit card has a limit, which is often set depending on the person, because everyone has a different income.

What are the different credit cards?

Charge card

This variant is the classic method that has been used most frequently in recent years. The client can make payments on credit. This credit is settled at the end with the credit balance on the current account.

Prepaid card

With this variant, the customer does not take out a loan, but pays money into a specific account that can only be used with the credit card. If there is no more money in the account, no more payments can be made with the credit card. In this case, new money must be paid into the account.

VPay card

The special feature of this credit card is that it can be used free of charge throughout Europe. A chip is built into the credit card, so a PIN must be used. The card can be used for payments on the internet or in shops. In addition, customers can use the credit card as a debit card throughout Europe.

What are the alternatives?

Electronic purses

Payments with an electronic purse are very convenient, as they can be made from the computer within a few minutes. The most popular providers are PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. Here PayPal takes on a special position, because this provider has developed the popular buyer protection, which is extremely popular. In addition, PayPal only works with reputable providers, so PayPal is also associated with security. Payments are made immediately, so customers can use the money straight away.

Credit cards

This means of payment enables a completely anonymous transaction, as no personal data is exchanged. The credit card can be purchased on the Internet or at points of sale. Afterwards, only the security code has to be entered at the provider. The money is immediately credited to the target account. The most popular provider in this area is Paysafe.

Bank transfer

Bank transfer is also a classic payment method that can be used at almost all online casinos. However, there is one major disadvantage. Payment transactions with the bank transfer can take up to five working days, so customers have to plan payments in advance. Here, money cannot be deposited spontaneously into the gaming account.

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The advantages of paying by credit card

easy paymentcollected invoice
clear accountinglow introductory interest rates
Summary at the end of the yearuseful at home and abroad
Possibility for loansVery high reliability

Which credit cards are accepted by online casinos?

The main role is played by the credit card manufacturers Visa and Mastercard, as these have the most customers. These credit cards can be used in almost all Online Casinos can be used. However, this does not only apply to online casinos, but also to almost any shop or online shop. Customers who have a credit card from these two manufacturers do not have to worry about whether a valid means of payment is available. After all, Mastercard and Visa are usually in the product range. In addition, there are always cooperations between these two providers. A special recommendation for one of these two credit cards cannot be given. Some online casinos also have other credit card manufacturers in their range.

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