Online Casino Bonus without deposit

The online casino no deposit bonus is undoubtedly one of the most popular bonus offers among most casino customers.

How does an online casino no deposit bonus work?

How an online casino no deposit bonus works also depends on the type of bonus. What they all have in common, however, is that the interested party has to register at the online casino. As a rule, only a few details such as user name and e-mail are required for this.

With many no deposit bonuses, there is a bonus code without which the bonus cannot be accessed. This is often due to the fact that the online casino works together with partners and the success becomes more comprehensible through bonus codes. In individual cases, however, the codes only have the purpose of making the bonus appear more exclusive. This is certainly an advertising trick, but it does not make the offer worse. If such a bonus code is required, it is either requested on the main page or during registration. As a rule, the customer receives an immediate indication as to whether the code is valid and has been accepted.

Often, for a Online Casino Bonus However, only one registration is possible without a deposit. The bonus is then automatically credited to the customer's account or the customer is informed of the bonus separately.

Depending on the bonus, it can be used in different ways. Many no-deposit bonuses are free spins that are limited to a specific slot, while others allow the customer to play the entire range of games. In both cases, the player can play the games for which the bonus is valid until it is used up. Since he has not deposited any real money, he does not have to fear that his own capital will be used afterwards.

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No deposit bonus or bonus on the first deposit - which is better?

Which form of bonus is preferred is certainly a matter of personal taste. Of course, a deposit bonus that multiplies one's own capital is much more attractive to most players. However, the no deposit bonus has the advantage that it can be claimed completely risk-free. The customer does not have to deposit any real money and can therefore use the bonus in a completely relaxed way to get to know the online casino better. If they then decide to transfer real money, they can usually still benefit from a bonus on the first deposit, but they have already become better acquainted with the provider and can therefore also better assess whether they want to continue playing at the online casino.

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What types of no deposit bonuses are there?

A no deposit bonus is awarded in the following variants:

  • Free spins

Here, the new or existing customer receives a certain number of free spins. As a rule, these are free spins on the most popular or newest slots. In individual cases, however, free spins can also be offered for roulette, bingo or other games. Regular bonuses with free spins can be found, for example, in the Karamba Casino, at and in the club.

  • Bonus money

Some casinos also offer customers bonus money that they can use without making a deposit. In this case, the conditions are similar to those for "earned" bonus money, so the customer cannot simply withdraw the money.

  • Playtime

This variant of the no deposit bonus is not all that common with European providers, but is very popular in the USA. The customer has a limited period of time with a very high amount of bonus money to test the online casino extensively. As a rule, however, the period is relatively short and limited to a few minutes or hours.

What are the conditions for a no deposit bonus?

This depends on the respective provider and the promotion. However, the no deposit bonuses can largely be divided into two categories: Either the player can earn real money with the bonus. This is often the case if the chances of winning are relatively low or it is unlikely that larger winnings will be achieved.

In other cases, however, the player only earns further play money with the no deposit bonus. This is especially the case if the bonus is not limited to a certain game through free spins or if the bonus is very high. In this case, the money earned is subject to the conventional bonus conditions, i.e. it must still be wagered according to the conditions of the online casino.

However, both variants have in common that the recipient only has a certain time to use the bonus. How long this is, however, varies greatly. However, very few online casinos allow a bonus not to be redeemed for several weeks.

Either way, however, a no deposit bonus is of course always positive. The customer does not have to pay anything in return and does not have to take any risk.

Casino profitWhy do casinos give no deposit bonuses?

Online casinos usually award a no deposit bonus for two reasons: either they want to attract customers or retain regular customers. In the latter case, a few free spins, for example, are very suitable for attracting customers back to the online casino and encouraging them to stay a little longer.

In the case of the no deposit casino bonus for new customers, however, the procedure clearly shows that the online casino is convinced of the quality of its offer. The customer can first get to know the online casino with a few games before actually having to transfer real money, and still has Chances of winning. This is different with many online casinos. Here, the customer must first transfer money to receive a bonus and is then already bound to the provider.

A no deposit bonus should therefore always be seen as a sign of quality. However, it does not only depend on the online casino whether it offers a no deposit bonus for new customers, but also on the software manufacturer with which the casino cooperates. Certain developers, such as NetEnt, are more known for offering freespins without deposits.

This also shows another reason why online casinos offer no deposit bonuses: When a promising new slot has been developed, freespins are the best way to draw attention to it. Players can then decide completely risk-free whether they want to invest real money in the slot machine or prefer to choose other games.

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Is a no deposit bonus really free money?

As mentioned, the money earned with the no deposit bonus is often additional bonus money. This means that the customer cannot withdraw it if he does not meet the turnover requirements for it. How much is left over from the original winnings in the end therefore depends mainly on the player's luck and the requirements of the online casino. A no deposit bonus is therefore much more often a gift of play money and not necessarily a gift of money. However, players may very well succeed in winning enough money from a no deposit bonus to be able to withdraw at least part of it later. But even if this is not successful, a no deposit bonus is a gift of gambling pleasure for which the player does not have to take any risk.

Tip 1: Enter correct data

Many players try to use the no deposit bonus at a particular casino several times by registering under different names each time. However, this procedure is not recommended. The online casino must have verified the identity of the customer before making a withdrawal. The customer must therefore submit copies of his or her ID beforehand. If he has used a false name, he cannot withdraw his winnings. Such a case would be very annoying. The procedure is also disadvantageous for the online casino, as it entails an increased administrative effort and also falsifies data on user behaviour. In the end, the player himself has no advantage except not being able to withdraw his winnings. On the other hand, those who remain as existing customers and also use a bonus with real money often receive follow-up offers. At most online casinos, they also receive bonuses without a deposit, so that the customer can then keep the money under his real name.

Tip 2: Know the conditions

Probably one of the most common mistakes regarding online casino bonus offers is that players are not sufficiently aware of the turnover conditions. Basically, casino customers should keep in mind that online casinos can only offer bonus money or free spins under certain conditions. This is also because casinos have to protect themselves from fraud. It is therefore rather unlikely that a no deposit bonus will lead to a player actually being able to withdraw money, although this is of course possible.

With a casino bonus without transferring real money, interested parties should therefore check in advance what exactly they will win and under what conditions they can withdraw their winnings. The time period and the number of conversions are two important factors. Players should also consider which games are included in the turnover of the bonus and to what extent.

Ultimately, the player has not lost any of his own money if he does not fulfil the turnover conditions, but it would of course be nicer if a payout of the winnings does not fail because he does not know the conditions. In addition, this avoids disappointment if the player thinks, for example, that he has won a larger sum, but in reality it is "only" further bonus money that he still has to wager before the payout.

In principle, however, this issue is of course far less important with a no deposit bonus than with a conventional deposit bonus. Here, the player may put his own capital at risk if he does not read the turnover conditions correctly. Since no-deposit bonuses are completely risk-free, this tip is therefore more of a recommendation than an absolute necessity.

The most important conditions summarised

Amount of the bonus in €Minimum depositPayment methods
Amount of the bonus in %Maximum depositTerms of turnover
Validity periodT&C's of the casinoSeriousness


How can I claim a no deposit online casino bonus?

To claim an online casino no deposit bonus, you must first register at the online casino. In some cases, a bonus code is required, which you can enter during registration or on the main page. After registration, the bonus is automatically credited to your account or you will be informed separately about the bonus.

What types of no deposit bonuses are there?

No-deposit bonuses come in various forms, including free spins (usually for popular or new slots), bonus money (which can be used without a deposit) and playtime (limited period with a high bonus amount, more common in the US).

What are the conditions for a No Deposit Bonus?

The conditions for a no deposit bonus depend on the provider and the respective promotion. As a rule, you can either win real money or more play money with the bonus. In both cases, you only have a limited time to use the bonus and any winnings may be subject to the online casino's turnover requirements before they can be withdrawn.

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