Casino Apps at a glance

Mobile gambling is one of the biggest trends of the Online Casinos. Just a few years ago, this was a significant innovation, but now almost all online casinos offer an app. In the meantime, there are even mobile online casinos that offer their services only via an app and do without a browser variant.

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Advantages of casino apps

Casino apps have many advantages. Perhaps the biggest is their flexibility. Players can play a few games from anywhere in the world and are not dependent on their PC. In this way, casino apps are also an excellent way to pass the time during breaks, or to fill waiting times. Moreover, they can be downloaded easily and free of charge and are optimised for the operating system. This way, there are hardly any bugs or difficulties. Moreover, players can access the app with just one click once they are installed.

Many casino apps are also offered as a supplement to the normal online casino. Players can therefore use the app to supplement their Favourite casino much easier and flexible to use.

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Disadvantages of casino apps

Of course have Casino apps also have disadvantages. They consume storage space on the smartphone and often also cost data volume. This is the only way to provide the high-quality graphics and sounds.

Moreover, it can be quite advantageous not to have the online casino always at hand. This not only encourages problematic behaviour, but virtually tempts people to spend more time gambling, which might be better spent elsewhere. In addition, the game selection is often somewhat poorer than in the online casino.

. The games have to be adapted for the app and especially for old and less frequently used games, the effort for the online casinos is too high. That is why the gambling provider often offers many more games than are realised via the app.

A major problem of the Casino Apps is also possible within the framework of the live casino. It requires a lot of data volume and is therefore often unsuitable for mobile gambling, especially as it can only be implemented with a lot of effort. Therefore, there are not many casino apps with live casino. For users of smartphones that do not work with Android or iOS, there is also the problem that no app is offered for them because the market is too small. However, you can also access the casino via the browser and play via it.

However, all casino apps have one disadvantage in common. The smaller screen does not always manage to combine good usability and graphics. Power consumption can also become a problem. This is another reason why online casinos are still not out of fashion compared to casino apps.

The advantages and disadvantages at a glance

free downloadneed a lot of memory
Can be called up anywhere and at any timeconsume a lot of data volume
High flexibilitylimited game selection
perfect complement to the normal online casinoNo Live Casino

Challenge: Payment in online casinos and technical requirements

A special challenge is also the payment in a casino app. Many Payment service provider like e-wallet providers cannot yet guarantee secure payment by smartphone. However, payment by credit card is often no problem. In addition, the account can also be easily topped up via the browser of the laptop or the PC if another payment method is desired.

The technical requirements are also not always without difficulty. Of course, they also depend on the provider. However, Android and iOS are usually required as operating systems. The devices and their operating systems must not be too old. Players must also have enough free memory on their smartphones. A few dozen to hundreds of megabytes is quite common for a high-quality casino app.

Step-by-step guide

  • 1) Open the App Store on the smartphone
  • 2) Search casino app via search function
  • 3) Download app free of charge
  • 4) Open the app and log in with your login data.
  • 5) Select game and off you go
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Conclusion: Casino apps as an interesting addition

Casino apps can currently be understood primarily as a supplement to online casinos. They still have some disadvantages compared to the browser variants, but can be used free of charge and comfortably and offer more flexibility.

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