The gambling industry market continues to grow

More and more online casinos are springing up like mushrooms and gambling on the internet continues to boom. This is also shown by the current turnover figures - such as in the EU. Here, the gambling market is worth around 15 billion dollars. This is the result of a current study by the e-commerce research company yStats from Hamburg. The worldwide online gambling and betting market was examined by yStats. For around 1,000 euros, interested parties can access the complete report of the study on the company's website.

The biggest market in terms of online gambling is Europe. This is because governments here have liberalised the market and changed their legislation in recent years. Only Germany is a negative exception - little liberalisation, no new licences. Now you might think, that it looks different in the USAbecause the market is supposedly bigger. But here, too, little liberalisation has taken place. According to conservative estimates, more than 60 per cent of gambling platforms the American players from entering.

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Employees of the Gambling Commission in America put online gambling turnover at around 37 billion dollars a year. Of this, 15 billion are turned over in Europe alone - according to the estimates of the European Commission. The online casinos have on annual growth of almost 15 per cent.

The gambling market will continue to grow because more and more governments are liberalising online gambling step by step in their countries - especially in Europe. Currently, for example, the Netherlands and Portugal. In Germany, the step-by-step approach was planned and sports betting licences were to be issued to foreign providers. But so far, unfortunately, without success. In America, too, progress is slow - online gambling has only been legalised in three states.

In the study by yStats, Spain, France and Great Britain are in the lead in sports betting, while the Italians are in the lead in online casinos, attracting their compatriots en masse to gamble on the internet.

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Stricter rules in Asia

The situation is quite different in Asia and in many other parts of the world. They are rather sceptical about online gambling. The laws are often particularly strict in Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. In Singapore, all forms of gambling outside real and legal casinos are prohibited. In South Korea and China, the following laws were passed some time ago Some illegal gambling operators arrested.

This development in the online gambling market is also not unknown to Google. After all, the search engine has become a trend gauge because 90 percent of all search queries worldwide are made via the search engine giant Google. This is a number of queries that allows conclusions to be drawn about actual developments.

Playing on the smartphone

Mobile phones and tablets will also determine the further development of online gambling. More players than ever before are using online gambling offers for smartphones and the like. Google can also confirm this and recently announced that more internet users now use the search engine via mobile than via their home PC. The probability that users who visit Google via mobile phone or tablet also call up other pages is high. Thus, this mobile trend, which was recognised at Google, can also be transferred to online casinos. Why else would the games and software manufacturers increasingly focus on the mobile version of online casinos & co...?


What is the current value of the online gambling market in the EU?

According to a study by the Hamburg-based e-commerce research company yStats, the online gambling market in the EU is worth around 15 billion dollars.

Which countries are currently the leaders in online gambling in Europe?

In sports betting, Spain, France and Great Britain are leading. In online casinos, Italy is the leader and attracts a large number of players to gamble on the internet.

What is the trend towards online gambling on mobile devices?

The trend towards online gambling on mobile devices is growing rapidly. More players than ever before are using online gambling services on smartphones and tablets. This is underpinned by the fact that Google reports that more internet users access its search engine via mobile devices than via their home PC.

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