BDSwiss Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes 2023 ✴️ All info here

BDSwiss Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes 2023 ✴️ All info here

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Receive here our BDSwiss Promotion Code. BDSwiss is the most popular broker for trading binary options. The operating company of the trading platform is BDSwiss Holding PLC. with headquarters in Cyprus. The broker was also authorised there and licensed according to strict EU requirements. BDSwiss is supervised and regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). BDSwiss also has a branch office in Frankfurt am Main, which serves all German customers. The company was founded in 2012.

  • Unfortunately, there is currently no bonus promotion at BDSwiss.
  • Up to 85% profit on trading
  • Up to 2 personal sessions
  • Open a customer account
  • Deposit at least 100€
  • Use one of the promotion codes given
  • Get Basic, Silver or Gold Bonus Offer

For trading, customers at BDSwiss will find an online platform that is simple and straightforward, but very clearly structured, so that even inexperienced investors can quickly find their way around. Trading can be started directly with a deposit of 100 euros.

BDSwiss Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes Advantages

  • EU-regulated
  • More than 174 underlyings (foreign exchange, commodities, indices, equities) can be traded.
  • The entire world of trading on one platform
  • Minimum sum for a 60-second trade: 5 euros
  • Extremely high return of 500 percent
  • Various types of trading

BDSwiss Promo Code and Bonus

Unfortunately, there is currently no valid BDSwiss bonus promotion. This description refers to the former bonus of 300 euros. Newcomers, new customers or even beginners in online trading are offered attractive bonuses that can be picked up as a kind of welcome package with a BDSwiss promo code.

It is up to the customer to decide which BDSwiss bonus to choose. A BDSwiss promotion code is required for each one, which must be entered in the subject line when claiming the bonus by sending an email to [email protected]. Anyone who then makes their first deposit will be credited with the bonus.

BDSwiss Casino no deposit bonus

Unfortunately, there is currently no valid bonus promotion for new BDSwiss customers. Please check back with us again later.

BDSwiss Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes: App

Who at BDSwiss has a trading account and invests in the financial markets with this broker will not want to do without a mobile app. As a customer, you don't have to either. Because online trading at BDSwiss is also possible via a mobile app - for iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones.

As a mobile trader, you are ready for all movements in the market and can thus react directly to the latest news from the financial world. With the app, decisions can be made within seconds for new events on the financial market.

The overview of the functions available on the BDSwiss app shows that you can

  • no matter where you are, you can trade in real time
  • Can achieve profits of up to 450 per cent per trade
  • Manage and trade hundreds of assets - including "hot" stocks such as Louis Vuitton or Google
  • can synchronise the trading account without any problems
  • can monitor trends in the market in real time with chart feeds
  • can act in several languages
  • can deposit and withdraw reliably and securely

Trading couldn't be any easier these days. With the app, you can make the most of the market wherever you are in the world and whenever you have time. Because if something happens on the financial market and it starts to fluctuate, the BDSwiss app will inform you about it - around the clock, seven days a week. You can follow the trend movements of the assets with a real-time chart to be able to place trades and maximise profits.

BDSwiss Casino voucher code

Whether you are a newcomer or a trading expert with the BDSwiss broker, anyone can trade binary options. It is easy to learn in just a few steps and the broker's customer advisors help with the first steps. It also works with an app - and on the go. BDSwiss' software development team has programmed one of the best binary options apps on the market for its customers. It was specially designed to meet customer needs and has a simple user interface as well as a clear layout. The BDSwiss binary options trading platform is EU-licensed and offers up to 450 percent returns when trading indices, commodities, stocks and currencies.

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BDSwiss App with all functions

Those who use modern mobile trading with their smartphone or tablet have the possibility to have all functions at their disposal that are also on the website. This is a great advantage for all those who trade "by hand" on the move and do not want to accept any restrictions with the app.

BDSwiss Web App

The BDSwiss web app can also be used completely independently of the end device. It works with any operating system. The only requirement on the smartphone: a compatible browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera or IE. A web app differs from the other app for Android and iOS in that it is a specially programmed HTML5 website that recognises end devices, optimises the content and displays it. This means that the web app can also be used at BDSwiss at any time, regardless of the device.

BDSwiss trading platform

The BDSwiss trading platform works with SpotOption, a company that specialises in binary options trading with its software. Customers at BDSwiss do not have to download this or any other software, but can execute their transactions directly via the browser. In addition, he could also make his trades by phone or fax, as well as via app on a mobile device. This makes it easy to trade from a smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are.

Customer-friendly and useful for traders is the information about the exact trading hours of each financial instrument, which can be viewed on the website in the menu "Underlyings", and about which one can inform oneself. Those who choose binary options and want to trade will find an introduction to options trading under "Trading School". Current prices with real-time information are available to traders on the Market News page as well as other stock market information. News about the financial market and analysts' opinions are available in the "Market News" menu on the right.

In addition to binary options, the portfolio of option types also offers options such as "Pairs", "OneTouch" and "Ladder". In addition to the classic terms of 30 minutes to 12 hours, 30, 60 or 120 second trades and options with a term of more than ten months can also be traded. The returns on binary options are usually in the range of 70-89 percent, but with other contracts such as "One Touch", returns of up to 500 percent are possible. The "pairs" trade is a very special type of binary options trading. Here, the trader does not have to predict whether the selected underlying asset will fall or rise. Instead, he must make an assessment or a prediction as to which of the two underlyings will perform better. Example: If the trader chooses the pair gold and silver, he then predicts whether which performance of the two will be better at the end of the term. Advantage: The trader does not necessarily have to know everything about individual markets as he does with a price forecast for a single underlying.

The trading offer of BDSwiss provides its traders with the 174 most important underlyings worldwide. Opportunities to earn money are offered by the options to bet on both falling and rising prices for shares, commodities, indices and forex. The trader can choose from the following options for trading Options Builder, One Touch, Pro-Trader and Call/Put:

Options Builder - do-it-yourself. With this type of trade, everything can be set yourself and offers the greatest possible freedom for experienced users. Those who opt for this option not only determine the duration of their binary trade and the risk, but also predict which stock market prices will fall or rise.
One Touch- here the profit opportunities are quite high, but in return the correct predictions have to be made. The options are only traded from Saturday 2 p.m. to Sunday 9 p.m. with an investment limit of 1,500 euros. With this option, the trader predicts whether a share or other commodity will reach or miss a specified price target. Returns of 200 to a maximum of 500 percent are possible. The expiry time for a target price is the coming first trading day.

PRO Trader - is the same principle as call-put trading, but with better and more detailed evaluations. This option is particularly interesting for professional traders. The special feature of Pro Trader is that the trader has access to extensive information about price trends.

Call put option - is the basic variant and usual form of trading in binary options trading, where you can bet on rising or falling values of the trading commodities. Correct predictions are rewarded with 89 percent profit. Those who are wrong get a certain percentage back.

BDSwiss FX/CFD - is a new trading option from BDSwiss that allows binary options to be traded along the lines of Forex. This means that the trader can apply leverage to his trade on shares, commodities or currency pairs. This means that returns of up to 400 percent can be realised because the maximum leverage is set at 400:1.

Trade binary options with the BDSwiss promotion code

The binary system consists of only two different numbers, namely zero and one. Therefore, when trading binary options, there are only two possibilities that can occur: Either the price falls or it rises. It would be possible, for example, to forecast whether the price of gold, the DAX or the S&P 500 will be higher or lower at the end of a selected term than at the time the option is issued. No previous knowledge is required for this variant of trading and it is a simplified form of online trading in which traders can profit from the respective market situation. Even if it is easy to execute such a trade and it is also designed to be simple, it is advisable to acquire the corresponding know-how in advance so as not to just bet on a price direction in the dark and on the off chance.

With the Options Builder tool at BDSwiss, one of the most important aspects for a group of investors is that they should have two prerequisites: Firstly, experience in derivatives trading and secondly, experience with binary options risk. This is because it allows you to put together your own personal binary options and thus define and set your risk and profits. It is also possible, for example, to hedge your losses with up to 80 percent. Trading is possible from as little as five euros with a term of 60 seconds.

How do I have to pay tax on BDSwiss income and losses?

First of all: This article is to the best of our knowledge and belief and does not constitute tax advice, nor can it replace it. For more detailed questions on the taxation of profits and losses at BDSwiss, please consult your personal tax advisor.

An important question about BDSwiss trading comes up again and again: How are profits from a trade actually taxed? In order to work through this complex question, it of course always depends on the personal and individual circumstances and conditions of each individual - and therefore a discussion with a tax advisor is actually a good idea. In general, however, it can be said that taxation has nothing to do with the broker, for example BDSwiss. The decisive factor is always the type and amount of turnover.

No clear guidelines from the legislator

If capital gains are earned in any form, it is quite possible that they will have to be taxed. Every citizen and trader is subject to the correct declaration of income, investment income including profits, because taxes are not automatically deducted when profits are earned. Consequently, these must be reported to the competent tax office and taxes must be paid. Since 2009, capital gains have to be paid as final withholding tax. It amounts to 25 per cent (plus soli) and possible church tax. This amount is withheld directly by the bank.

The broker BDSwiss itself does not pay any taxes, as the company has its registered office in Cyprus and is therefore subject to different tax laws. It would be extremely helpful to consult with your tax advisor after making a withdrawal in order to clarify any open questions. For the payment or amount of possible taxes to be paid, it does not matter whether the winnings were made by bank transfer or via Skrill or Neteller.

There are still no clear guidelines from the legislator on how and to what extent profits from trading with binary options are to be taxed. Anyone who simply pays tax on the profit is on the safe side. Income is taxable in Germany as soon as it exceeds the tax-free amount of 801 euros. For married couples, the tax-free amount is 1,602 euros. If one partner has not exhausted the 801 euros, the other can earn correspondingly more untaxed.

Do I have to pay tax on BDSwiss?

But what do you do in the case of losses if, for example, you collect 500 euros in interest per year and lose it with a binary options broker? If binary options count as financial investments, one could offset both so that the profit is zero euros and thus no taxes are due. But the tax office will not react to this and will not want to share this because they do not accept losses from binary options and the profit will then be 500 euros. But if profits from binary options are added, the tax office will want to tax them.

Here you can find all information about the trading costs at BDSwiss

Your information on the BDSwiss Costs. In the best case, every trader would like to have enough money left over from his profit after deducting the incidental costs. Therefore, you should know that although there are no trading fees at BDSwiss, costs can still arise. If you are aware of these, you can avoid them. Incidentally, the broker clearly points this out in its general terms and conditions.

  • Unfortunately, there is currently no bonus promotion at BDSwiss.
  • Up to 85% profit on trading
  • Up to 2 personal sessions

Opening an account and trading at BDSwiss does not incur any costs - regardless of whether a minimum deposit is made or whether a sum in excess of this is transferred to the account. The facts on the subject of costs are

  • Account opening and management is free of charge
  • the use of the mobile app is free of charge
  • Fee for a payout via bank transfer costs 25 euros
  • with low trading volumes, higher costs arise from 25 euros upwards
  • A monthly fee of at least 5 euros is charged for account inactivity

Trading costs at BDSwiss

Costs are incurred at BDSwiss neither for trading nor for the spread between buying and selling price known from Forex or CFD brokers. BDSwiss finances itself via the probability of occurrence of possible profits, because the losses are always lower than the profits. Anyone who wants to end up with a plus rather than a minus on their account at BDSwiss should not leave their trading decisions to chance; as a rule, they should be right more often than they are wrong.

BDSwiss costs for inactivity

BDSwiss - and all other brokers - only earn money if the trader also trades. Inactive accounts, however, also cause costs. Therefore, BDSwiss charges a fee after six months of account inactivity at the latest. A fee of ten percent of the balance on the respective account is charged - but at least 5 euros. In the next month, this fee is also charged again if at least one trade has not been carried out.

Deposits and withdrawals

If the entire balance on the account has been traded at least once, there are no costs for a withdrawal. So if you have deposited 500 euros, you should also have bought options for 500 euros. BDSwiss pays out from an amount of 100 euros. If one of the two requirements is not met, BDSwiss retains five percent of the withdrawal amount and 25 euros in fees are due. The broker also charges 25 euros if less than 100 euros are transferred to the account. Ergo: If the first deposit amount is completely wagered once and the withdrawal amount is at least 100 euros, no costs are incurred.

Payment methods

Those who have deposited to their account with a credit card or debit card must ensure that the withdrawal is also granted up to this amount. Sums that exceed the deposit amount can only be transferred by bank transfer. BDSwiss charges a further fee of 25 euros for this. Customers can find all costs, fees and relevant information in the "Banking" section of the BDSwiss website.

Deposits and withdrawals at BDSwiss

Deposits - The trading account only becomes active for the client when an initial deposit has been credited. BDSwiss accepts a wide range of deposit options: Credit card (Visa, MasterCard), bank transfer, PaysafeCard, Ukash, Postpay, Skrill, Giropay and EPS. When paying by credit card, the money is immediately available in the customer's trading account.

Withdrawals - Withdrawals are free of charge at BDSwiss under certain conditions. This is the case if the entire stake has been traded at least once. Withdrawals can be made via Visa and MasterCard), bank transfer and Skrill if the minimum withdrawal amount is 100 euros. If the withdrawal request is less than 100 euros, BDSwiss charges a fee of five percent of the amount to be withdrawn.

BDSwiss Bonus

Is BDSwiss actually a reputable provider?

Binary options trading has only been available to private individuals since 2008 and is offered by many online brokers. But the number of broker platforms for this trade is constantly increasing and the choice for traders is becoming more and more difficult. One of the most popular brokers that work seriously and are the market leader in binary options trading is BDSwiss. For years, the company has been the contact for newcomers and financial experts when it comes to financial services.

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Headquarters in Cyprus

BDSwiss is now a well-known and reputable name in the binary options trading marketplace. The company behind it is Keplero Holdings Ltd., which has had its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main since the company was founded in 2011. For economic reasons, the people in charge of the company later decided to relocate to the island of Cyprus. The branch office in Frankfurt still exists.

Due to the move to Cyprus, the broker is subject to strict regulations by the financial supervisory authority (CySEC) on the island, which are based on the specifications and controls of the European Union. Anyone who thinks that BDSwiss is dubious because it has relocated to Cyprus is wrong. The reasons are very obvious for a profit-oriented company. Cyprus offers very good tax conditions, which you would not find in a country within the EU: The tax rate is ten percent and the number of financial services companies based there has become above average.

Serious and customer-friendly: the demo account

One reason for particularly positive experiences is SpotOption - a very popular and well-known software among brokers. It is web-based and does not have to be downloaded by the trader. This means that trading is possible for customers all over the world, from any computer and via app from any mobile phone or tablet in the world.

BDSwiss customers have also had good experiences with the free demo account. All users consider this to be serious and customer-friendly, as it also enables binary options to be traded without risk and allows you to get to know and feel out the real market first.

BDSwiss - professional broker

Many comparisons on the internet have repeatedly shown that the experiences of long-standing customers with BDSwiss were positive and that the company was classified as reputable. The broker is regulated and controlled within the European Union, the company has brilliant customer reviews and also provides its customers with excellent customer support. Withdrawals to traders are made within two business days. BDSwiss is one of the most professional brokers on the financial services market and beginners and experts can rely on the Cypriot company with its office in Frankfurt am Main without hesitation.

Opening an account with BDSwiss

Opening an account is quick and takes only a few steps. The account currency can be selected as Euro or US Dollar. When opening an account, the minimum first deposit is 100 euros, which is a relatively small amount compared to other web brokers. The account must be verified by means of proof of residence at the latest when the first withdrawal is made.


Does BDSwiss Casino accept players from Germany?

No, currently BDSwiss Casino does not accept players from Germany. However, you can find out about alternative top online casinos by clicking on the link provided.

Does BDSwiss Casino offer a no deposit bonus?

Unfortunately, there is no valid BDSwiss Casino No Deposit Bonus at the moment. Please check back later.

Is there a mobile application for BDSwiss Trading?

Yes, BDSwiss offers a mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones that allows you to trade and manage your account on the go.

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BDSwiss Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes 2023 ✴️ All info here